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Reed Switch Sensor - P2710

P3950 Magnetic Proximity Sensor


This family of passive devices offers non-contact, magnetically activated sensing for a variety of proximity applications. These devices can operate effectively in either a head-on or a slide-by mode of operation with sample and inexpensive permanent magnet targets. The activation levels are also very low for effective operation at large air gaps. Except for P2712, either the North or South polarity can be used to activate these sensors. The switching characteristics of this sensor family change according to the logic table below. The threaded aluminum package allows for service in rugged environments and simplifies mounting where space is at a premium. Integral cable with 24 AWG wire leads add reliability and flexibility to the electrical connection. Optional connectors and lead lengths are available upon request.



  • Passive Operation
  • Both SPDT and SPST Versions
  • Small Size
  • High Sensitivity
  • Micro Reed Switch
  • No Power Required
  • No Rotational Alignment Needed
  • Operation from –20°C to 85°C
  • Rugged Aluminum housing
  • Two M8 x 1 Hex Nuts Included
  • 30 VDC/AC Max. Operation


This sensor is a passive device that uses a reed switch packaged in an  Aluminum housing. Being a passive device, no external power is required for operation. The device is available in a Form A, Form B and Form C. This sensor is activated by the magnetic field of a permanent magnet or electric current applied to a coil. This magnetic field causes the hermetically sealed reeds to contact together due to magnetic attraction. In the case of the Form B devices, a specialized magnetic circuit is created inside the sensor to cause the reeds to separate upon application of a magnetic field of the correct polarity. The reed blades are plated with a highly conductive precious metal for a stable and low contact resistance.


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