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Inductive Proximity Sensor - P8200

Reed Switch Sensor - P2720


The inductive proximity sensor is one more item in the massive line of sensor packages used in industrial automation. In this case, they are usually connected to a relay or PLC to provide sensing as part of a larger automated process. The major advantage of an inductive proximity sensor (often called a prox switch, although this is really a generic term for any sensor that detects objects close to it without physical contact) is the fact that it ignores nonmetallic objects. This is useful for positioning metal parts, such as conveyors, lift tables, tipples, and machine parts, while ignoring any nonmetallic objects around, such as the goods being manufactured or packaging material like cardboard boxes or loading pallets, or the operator running the machine.

The second advantage of an inductive proximity switch is that, due to the way it ignores most substances, it can get very dirty and still work properly. This, combined with their solid state circuitry and wear-free operation due to not making physical contact with the object it senses, allows them to provide years of nearly maintenance-free operation.



  • Solid State Curcuitry
  • Both NPN and PNP Versions
  • M18 Size
  • 5 mm Sensing Range
  • Water resistant package
  • 6 to 36 V DC
  • No Rotational Alignment Needed
  • Operation from –20°C to 85°C



The inductive sensor is a simple enough device at the fundamental level. It is simply a coil of wire with a current passing through it. It completely ignores most objects which pass near this coil. However, when a metallic object passes near it, it acts as a core material in the inductive loop which increases its inductance significantly. Most non-metallic objects have a negligible effect on its inductance. The complex part of the sensor is the sensing circuitry which detects this change in inductance by monitoring the electric current in the loop. When the inductance changes enough, it triggers the sensor's output, which sends a signal to some other machine to do whatever it is it is supposed to do when a metallic object is near the sensor.


Part Number Output Type
P8201 NPN
P8202 PNP
Reed Switch Sensor Schematic P2710Note: Red Indicator not available on P8100 Series

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