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Magnetic Proximity Sensors

Magnetic Proximity Sensor - P3200 Magnetic Proximity Sensor - P3300
Magnetic Proximity Sensor - P3950 Magnetic Proximity Sensor - P3400



Sensor Description:

The P3000 Series magnetic proximity sensor is a non-contact, solid state device that is magnetically actuated for a variety of proximity applications. The P3000 Series magnetic proximity sensors are designed to provide tight tolerance magnetic operating points. This ensures reliable and repeatable limit switching in both linear and angular position sensor applications. It has a rugged, thermoplastic housing and is ideally suited for many industrial environments. These products require a permanent magnet target, which offers the customer long range sensing and precise limit switching.

  •     Digital Output Signal 
  •     4-24 VDC Operation Range 
  •     Current Sinking Output 
  •     20ma Continuous Operation 
  •     Reverse Polarity Protection 
  •     0 to 100 kHz Operation 
  •     Temperature Compensated 
  •     Operation from –40°C to 125°C 
  •     Rugged, thermoplastic housing

Ferrous Actuated Proximity Sensors 


Ferrous Proximity Sensor - P7700 Ferrous Proximity Sensor - P7800
Sensor Description:
The Series 7000 ferrous proximity sensors are non-contact, solid state devices with a switched output. This device operates effectively to the presence of a ferrous steel or permanent magnet target. A 2mm operating air gap can easily be obtained with a ferrous metal disc target equal to the sensor package diameter. This device uses a Hall Effect sensor with a specialized magnetic circuit that is factory calibrated for optimum performance and consistent repeatability. In addition, electronic hysteresis built into the device eliminates false triggering due to mechanical backlash and vibration. The sensor circuit is encapsulated in a Nickel-plated, Brass housing for use in rugged and wet environments. Its unique design provides a cost-effective solution for a wide range of proximity sensing applications. 
  •     Digital Output Signal 
  •     Senses Ferrous Metal Targets 
  •     Senses Permanent Magnet Targets 
  •     Operation from –20°C to 85°C 
  •     Short Circuit Protection 
  •     High Speed (15kHz) Operation 
  •     4.5-24 VDC Operation 
  •     Nickel plated, Brass housing 
  •     Metallic Cover over Sensing Face 
  •     2mm max. operating gap

Inductive Actuated 

Sensor Description:
The Series 8000 Inductive Proximity Sensors
Sensor Description:
The Series 2000 Reed Switch Sensors

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