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Magnetic Sensor & Encoder Hardware

While Phoenix America Inc. would typically discourage adding components to your Bill of Materials for the purposes of mounting and orienting through the development of a custom package, sometimes the flexibility of using one of our standard parts across several smaller volume applications is desirable.
For those occasions Phoenix America Inc. will support a variety of Accessories including Mounts, Cord Sets and Digital Displays.


Cord Sets - Additional Part Numbers

Phoenix America Inc. can custom add any connector or harness requirement so feel free to contact us directly on your specific needs. If you need the added flexibility to have a separate cord set, Phoenix America Inc. offers a variety of options. Please call the factory for specifics.

Variable Reluctance Speed Sensor Cord Set EP0417 Cord Set: Deutsch Socket DTM06-3S 22AWG PVC Shielded Cable, Red Heat Shrink
Magnetic Hall Effect Commutator Cord Set 9250H000 Cord Set: Amp Housing 104257-5, Amp 104480-4 short point, crimped snap in receptacle, 26 AWG Black urethane jacket with foil
Magnetic Proximity Sensor Cord Set 5450H000 Cord Set: 4 Position Modular Handset Plug Amp 5-461334, 4 Conductor 26 AWG Stranded Flat Oval Telephone Cable
Magnetic Speed Sensor Cord Set 4725H000 Cord Set: 18 AWG Leads, Polyethylene slitted flexible conduit
2 Channel Low Resolution Magnetic Encoder Cord Set 5618H000 Cord Set: Turk R34.5T-0.5/S653 22 AWG Conductors with Shield, Micro Change Style Straight Male Connector


Phoenix America Inc. offers a variety of brackets and mounts to be used with our threaded barrel speed and position sensors.

Magnetic Speed Sensor Bracket Magnetic Sensor Mounts
Magnetic Proximity Sensor Slotted Bracket Magnetic Threaded Sensor Thin Walled Nuts

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