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Magnetic Sensor Cord Sets


Many of the standard Phoenix America Inc. magnetic sensor and encoders come with a ‘flying lead’ allowing for the end user to add the connector of choice. This may be convenient for customers who have several different applications which require specific termination.

One the most common errors my end users make resulting in failed devices is miswiring. This can be easily error-proofed by allowing Phoenix America Inc. to add your connector or termination of choice. All units are 100% tested before leaving our facility.

Phoenix America Inc. has experience with nearly every major connector system. No need to hire a third party to handle harness and connector assembly, Phoenix America Inc. can build the device to your specific needs.



Hall Effect Gear Tooth Activated Speed Sensor Cord Set 5704H000 Cord Set: Molex 22-01-3037 Terminal Housing with Molex 2759 Series Terminal; 3 or 4 Position, 24 AWG Shielded 105 degree C PVC Cable
Variable Reluctance Speed Sensor Cord Set EP0417 Cord Set: Deutsch Socket DTM06-3S 22AWG PVC Shielded Cable, Red Heat Shrink
Magnetic Speed Sensor Cord Set 3081H000 Cord Set: Molex 39-01-2040 Housing, Moled 30-00-0059 Lead Terminals, Black PVC Jacketed Cable 20 AWG
Magnetic Speed Sensor Cord Set 3091H000 Cord Set: Tyco 2-520261-2 Female Blade Terminals, Black PVC Jacketed Cable 20 AWG
Magnetic Proximity Sensor Cord Set 1401H000 Cord Set: Amp 104257-3 Housing 4 Pins, Amp 104480 Series Female (22-26 AWG)
Magnetic Hall Effect Commutator Cord Set 9250H000 Cord Set: Amp Housing 104257-5, Amp 104480-4 short point, crimped snap in receptacle, 26 AWG Black urethane jacket with foil
Magnetic Speed Sensor Cord Set 3084H000 Cord Set: Molex Connect 15-97-5081 with Molex Locking Pin 15-97-9081, Molex Terminals 39-00-0059, Black PVC Jacketed Cable 20 AWG
Magnetic Proximity Sensor Cord Set 5450H000 Cord Set: 4 Position Modular Handset Plug Amp 5-461334, 4 Conductor 26 AWG Stranded Flat Oval Telephone Cable
Magnetic Speed Sensor Cord Set 4725H000 Cord Set: 18 AWG Leads, Polyethylene slitted flexible conduit
2 Channel Low Resolution Magnetic Encoder 5618H000 Cord Set: Turk R34.5T-0.5/S653 22 AWG Conductors with Shield, Micro Change Style Straight Male Connector

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