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Flow Sensing Sensors

Magnetic Flow Sensor - Air Flow w/ Thermocouple Air Flow Sensor: Embedded thermocouple. Designed to fit is the ID of a 3 inch diameter air duct.
Magnetic Flow Sensor - Boat Speed Boat Speed paddle wheel: Designed to mount under hull.
Magnetic Flow Sensor - Water and Magnetic Propeller Water flow Sensor: Magnetic propellor and non-evasive sensor.

Phoenix America Inc.’s proprietary thermoplastic based bonded magnetic materials allow for intricate shapes and form factors to be developed. This capability has allowed magnetics to be used  in variety of custom applications such as Flow Sensing.

The ability of Phoenix America Inc. to manufacture a magnetic target in literally any shape imaginable leads to employing magnetic speed sensing technology in several novel ways. On application is flow sensing. Phoenix America Inc. magnetic targets and magnetic speed sensors can be employed to derive fluid or air flow.

Replace an expensive flow sensors with complex mounting and interpreting algorithms with a Phoenix America Inc. magnetic sensor and propeller. We will custom develop a flow sensor for your application should you solution require it.
Since a Phoenix America Inc. magnetic based sensor is a non contacting device it can literally see through non ferrous objects such as water lines. Interfacing with a custom developed Phoenix America Inc. magnetic propeller, a Phoenix America Inc. sensor can either be threaded into a galvanized pipe to sense through a plastic tube.
Flow Sensing Propellers & Paddle Wheels

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