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Magnetic Encoders - Medium Resolution Incremental

Magentic Encoders - Medium Resolution P9540 P9540: Package Size: 1.8 inch mounting diameter, 1.4 inch major diameter, 1 inch height; Encoder & Commutation Signals
Magnetic Encoders - Medium Resolution P9500 P9500: Total package size 1.80 inches wide, 1.25 inches long, .59 inches thick. Line driver differential ouputs
Magnetic Encoder - Medium Resolution P9500 Datasheet Magnetic Encoder P9500 Datasheet
Magnetic Encoder - Medium Resolution P9510 P9510: Total package size 1.55 inches wide, .850 inches long, .292 inches thick
Magnetic Encoder - Medium Resolution P9560 P9560: 16 mm diameter, Pulse counts limited to 64, 128 and 256 counts quadrature

The P9500 line of magnetic encoder offers resolutions up to 512 counts for every inch diameter of magnetic taget wheels.  For applications where there are minimal packaging constraints, a P9500 magnetic encoder with a P58 series magnetic target wheel can deliver 1900 cycles per revolution on each of its quadrature channels.

An incremental magnetic encoder produces a series of square waves during rotary or linear movement. The number of square waves produced per rotary turn or given linear length is referred to as ‘resolution’.

The P9500 Series magnetic encoder is by design, a rugged cost-effective industrial grade product that uses magnetic technology to address the weakness of the more fragile optical encoder counterpart. Intended for medium-resolution applications, it functions as an incremental angular position encoder when used with a multi-pole permanent magnet target wheel. Direction of rotation can be obtained from the two output channels that are 90° electrically out of phase. The final PPR count can be selected by the combination of internal programing of the sensor and magnetic pole count of the permanent magnet target. In linear applications, this sensor can also provide linear position information when used with a multi-pole permanent magnet strip instead of a magnet target wheel.

Like other PAI Sensors, the magnetic/non-contact technology used in this sensor series provides superior reliability in harsh industrial environments that contain dust, smoke, or lubricants. Greases, oils, steam/chemical wash-downs, machining chips, cutting fluids and most common industrial solvents have no effect on performance. No special considerations are required for flexible couplings, dynamic seals or bearing limitations since this sensor does not require these additional components nor their associated cost additions. A thermo-plastic housing, fabricated to your specifications, can be made using engineering grade polymers to be resistant to chemical and thermal exposure.

    •  Two Channel Quadrature Output
    •  Up to 1024 PPR @ 10K RPM
    •  Higher pulse counts available
    •  Operates in dirty environments
    •  Wide range of standard magnet targets
    •  Rotary or linear measuring system
    •  Operation from –25°C to 85°C (For Greater temperature range contact the factory)
    •  No Moving Parts

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