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Magnetic Encoder Medium Resolution P9500


The P9500 Series encoder is by design, a rugged cost-effective industrial grade product that uses magnetic technology to address the weakness of the more frangible optical encoder counterpart. Intended for high-resolution applications, it functions as an incremental angular position encoder when used with a multi-pole permanent magnet target wheel. Direction of rotation can be obtained from the two output channels that are 90° electrically out of phase. The final PPR count can be selected by the combination of internal programing of the sensor and magnetic pole count of the permanent magnet target. In linear applications, this sensor can also provide linear position information when used with a multi-pole permanent magnet strip instead of a magnet target wheel. 

  • Two Channel Quadrature Ouput
  • Up to 512 PPR @ 10K RPM
  • Higher Pulse Counts available with custom magnetic target
  • Operates in Dirty Environments
  • Wide range of standard magnet targets
  • Rotary or linear measuring systems
  • Operations for -25 to 85 degrees C
  • No moving parts


Addtional Notes:

The output drivers of the encoder employ a totem pole structure and both sink and source current. Pull-up resistors are not required. They may be connected as a single ended output as shown above with Channel A or configured as a differential pair as shown with Channel B. Either the true or complement output may be used for single ended outputs. In that case, the unused line will be left unconnected. The outputs are TTL compatible. The two output channels are in quadrature, i.e. 90 electrical degrees out of phase.

Options such as different supply voltage, wire colors, etc. are available upon request, Please contact the factory directly for application assistance.

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