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Magnetic Encoder - Low Resolution - P9118

P9118 Low Resolution Magnetic Encoder

The P9118 magnetic encoder is by design, a rugged cost-effective industrial grade product that uses magnetic technology to address the weakness of the more fragile optical encoder counterpart. Intended for medium-resolution applications, it functions as an incremental angular position encoder when used with a multi-pole permanent magnet target wheel. Direction of rotation can be obtained from the two output channels that are 90° electrically out of phase. The final PPR count can be selected by magnetic pole count of the permanent magnet target.  The P9118 magnetic encoder can also be configured for 3 cummutation signal for a 6 pole commutator magnet.



  • Magnetic Encoder Pulse Counts up to 30 Counts
  • 2 Channel Quadrature Magnetic Encoder Channels
  • Designed to be used with a P16 Magnet Target Wheel
  • Ribbon Cable Interconnect
  • Open Collector Output
  • Commutation Channels Configuration also available


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