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Magnetic Encoders - Absolute

Look for our release of a Magnetic Absolute Encoder targeted for 2008. This launch will continue the advance of magnetic based encoding into the absolute environment. An absolute encoder provided a unique output for each position. Absolute encoders are very useful in applications where a device is inactive for a long period of time.

An absolute encoder is a device that reports the shaft angle within a 360° range. An absolute encoder does not lose its position after a power-down and provides the absolute position upon power-up without requiring a home cycle or any shaft rotation. A traditional absolute encoder has one track per encoder bit and provides one fixed resolution. Thus, a 1024 position encoder would have 10 tracks (one bit per track). US Digital absolute encoders use a single barcode type track that is precisely read by an internal micro controller or DSP. This enables the resolution, the zero point, and the incrementing direction to be set by nonvolatile configuration parameters in the field. Absolute encoders do not provide quadrature outputs. Rather, they report their position as a digital word or as an analog voltage. An incremental encoder can serve as a pseudo-absolute encoder by providing a battery backup power supply to the encoder or by executing a home cycle after power-up. But a true absolute encoder does not need a backup power supply or a home cycle.


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