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The Phoenix Product line is focused on bringing a magnetic based solution to literally any application. A Phoenix solution typically provides greater mechanical flexibility while still delivering superior accuracy and resolution for nearly every feedback solution. Phoenix America Inc. is able to pull from its wide range of magnetic solutions including MR, GMR AMR, Hall Effect, Variable Reluctance, Inductive and Reed Switch. Phoenix interfaces these technologies with their own magnetic targets to deliver the total magnetic answer. Phoenix America’s wide range of molding and assembly capabilities allows for the development of a custom design to maximize value to customers. 

Magnetic Sensors

Phoenix America Inc. sensors can be used to determine rotational speeds with resolution up to 60 cycles per revolution and the location or passage of a target with very rapid response times and very highly repeatable actuation points. They can easily respond to targets passing by with speeds from zero to 100 kHz.  These products are very well suited to almost all industrial environments, eliminating the need for special precautions for dirt, grime, grease, water splashes, cutting fluid splashes, etc.

Magnetic Encoders

Phoenix America Inc. rotary encoders employ magnetic based technology enabling multiple channel outputs with resolutions topping 10,000 counts per revolution. Phoenix America Inc.’s unique encoder design eliminates the challenge and expense of conventional encoder bearing systems and associated brackets, couplers and mounts.


Phoenix America Inc.’s radial, multi-pole magnetized target wheels are uniquely constructed of a proprietary mix of magnet materials and engineering thermoplastics. The result is a unitized magnet target wheel which produces a very accurate, homogeneous magnetic field and has very tight mechanical tolerances. 

Flow Sensing

Phoenix America Inc.’s proprietary thermoplastic based bonded magnetic materials allow for intricate shapes and form factors to be developed. This capability has allowed magnetics to be used in a variety of custom applications such as Flow Sensing.


It is rare that our custom Engineering products need additional hardware for use in our customers’ applications. But, when necessary, Phoenix America Inc. offers an array of hardware choices. 

Custom Molded Magnets

The Phoenix America Inc. Technical team has literally invented many of the magnetic powders in use today. There is not a magnet of any shape or material which Phoenix America Inc. cannot service.

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