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Injection Molded Magnets

Custom Molded Bonded Magnet - 2914M000 PN - 2914M000: .995 Outside diameter, .645 Major inside diameter
Custom Magnet - Thin Walled Cylinder Molded Magnet PN - 3428M000: .763 Outside diameter, .653 Inside diameter, 1.187 length
Custom Molded Magnet with Insert Molded Shaft PN - 6677M000: 1.528 Outside diameter, 1.314 Inside diameter, .587 diameter shaft insert molded
Custom Magent - Molded Neodymium PN - 2191M002: Neobond 30 Material; .450 long, .330 wide, .200 total height
Custom Magnet - Bonded Molded with Insert Molded Plastic Stripe PN - 9264M002: Outside diameter 1.31, Inside diameter 1.138, Width .500, Insert molded white plastic ring
Custom Magnet - Plastic Bolt and Magnet Assembly A variety of magnets can be configured on a wide range of plastic or metal bolts


One of the more important developments in magnetic materials is polymer bonded magnets. This has opened a new world of application opportunities. The processing temperatures employed to blend and mold the material mixture is low enough to allow many different magnet powders to be used alone or in combination in the polymer binder to achieve an unprecedented range of properties.

Another benefit of the injection molding process is that magnet material can be directly molded into, onto, or against other assembly components eliminating subsequent assembly steps. This is called insert injection molding.

Injection molded magnets can be of very simple shapes or very complex. All or only part of the device may be magnetized. It is sometimes cost advantageous to make an entire part out of the magnet material and just magnetize the portion requiring magnetic output. 


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