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Motor Integration

Providing motor feedback is core to the Phoenix America Inc. magnetic encoder, tachometer and sensor offerings. Our New Product Developments are tested principally against the needs of motor manufacturers. Our encoder products line encompasses applications from tiny 16 mm motors to 10 Horse Power motors. We pride ourselves in allowing our motor manufacturer partners to spend their time designing and manufacturing motors – leaving the encoder details to us. Our Midwest location is often ideal to service end motor users where Phoenix America Inc. can install our encoder directly onto a customer supplied motor and ship a finished, tested unit directly to the user. When you choose to partner with Phoenix America Inc. you are truly teaming up with an expert in motors.


Phoenix America Inc. tachometer experience is decades in breadth. The Phoenix America Inc. low resolution, low cost packages are available in resolution up to 256 counts per revolution in the most efficient packaging options.


Phoenix has a variety of endbell mounted and internal mounted three channel Hall Effect based commutator solutions for brushless DC motors. Phoenix can also design solutions using the magnetic fields generated by the motor magnets. Early involvement of the Phoenix design team will provide the most effective commutation solution.


Phoenix is rapidly bringing magnetic solutions for resolving. Continue to check back to see the latest in this development activity. 

Value Add

Phoenix America Inc. is dedicated to freeing up our customers’ time and resources to spend on their core competencies. Our ability to customize harnesses and connector assemblies, install magnetic rotors and encoders on supplied motors, pre-install sensors on customer hardware is core to our value.

Lean Manufacturing Partner

Phoenix America Inc.’s manufacturing systems have been deployed to reduce set-up time, maximize product velocity and minimize costly Work-In-Progress and Finished Goods inventory. This dedication to Lean manufacturing tools such a Kanban, SMED, 5S and Autonomation allows Phoenix to reduce our lead times to our customers, integrate into other Lean systems and keep the entire value stream efficient.  


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