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Magnetic Encoders for Wet or Dirty Environments

There is no need to be selective in the Phoenix line of magentic encoders and magnetic sensors to service a wet or dirty environment. Adequate sealing may be a ‘must’ for our competition using optics but not for a Phoenix America Inc. magnetic encoder. Stop worrying about contaminates infiltrating a shaft bearing resulting in rapidly degraded optical encoder performance – no seals are needed with a Phoenix America Inc. magnetic encoder. Liquid environments pose no problems and no need to specify expensive leak testing.

Dealing with a tough environment – our competition survives these environments with “industrial-grade, metal, size 25 housing with double O-rings” and “double case, sealed, encoder-within-a-sealed-encoder design that protects critical components” They have “super seals” with Teflon for their bearing assembly. All of these features simply add cost to the solution. Deal with your tough environment with a more straightforward and cost effective means. Call us to evaluate a P9500 and P9700 Phoenix America Inc. Magnetic Encoder.


Magnetic Encoders are Resistant to Moisture

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