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Magnetic Encoders Handle Heavy Loads

In applications utilizing gears or drive belts, excessive radial (side) lading on a shaft can shorten the life of a conventional optical encoder or even destroy them. Other technology need to specify anticipated side loads. In order to handle heavier loads and shock (200 g’s), the competition needs to call on ‘Ultra heavy duty’ encoders. The Phoenix America Inc. magnetic encoder solution is ‘non-contacting’ and utilizes no bearings of it’s own – it is truly the heavy load answer.

While our competitors handle heavy loads through features such as “ a three-bearing design that enables high axial and radial shaft loading, while sustaining speeds in excess of 5000rev/min” using “heavy duty shafts” – the Phoenix America magnetic encoder solution is simply to take advantage of the bearing system all ready existing. The competitive solutions simply add redundancy and cost.

So when you are dealing with belt pulleys or other load-producing hardware choose a simple, less costly magnetic solution and stop attaching to redundant encoder shafts or adding bulky and expensive bearing isolation modules.
While others brag about doubling the bearing life of incremental encoders - Phoenix America Inc. magnetic encoder eliminated the failure mechanism all together.
Phoenix Magnetic Encoders are nearly immune to heavy loading

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