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Making Magnetic Encoder
and Sensor Solutions Work...

Phoenix America Inc. is leading the introduction of magnetic encoder and magnetic sensor solutions through developing not only robust encoder packaging but custom magnetic materials thus ensuring a complete magnetic solution from a single Engineering driven organization.


Phoenix America Inc. magnetic encoders can be used to determine rotational speeds with and direction from 1 to 32 PPR in quadrature. Sizes range from 16 mm to 54 mm in diameter. Medium Resolution Magnetic EncodersPhoenix America Inc. medium reolution magnetic encoders are configured to fit on the most popular motor end bells and have resolutions from 64 PPR to 2048 PPR High Resolution Magnetic EncodersPhoenix America Inc. rotary magnetic encoders employ magnetic based technology reaching multiple channel outputs with resolutions topping 10,000 counts per revolution.
Magnetic Encoder - Low Resolution Magnetic Encoder - Medium Resolution P9500 High Resolution Magnetic Encoder
Hall CommutatorsPhoenix America Inc.’s Hall Commutators are standard for 4, 6 and 8 pole solutions. Custom pole count solutions can be developed for any motor size. Magnetic SensorsPhoenix America Inc. magnetic sensors can be used to determine rotational speeds with resolution up to 60 cycles per revolution and the location or passage of a target with very rapid response times and very highly repeatable actuation points. Magnetic Target WheelsPhoenix America Inc.’s radial, multi-pole magnetized target wheels are uniquely constructed of a proprietary mix of magnet materials and engineering thermoplastics.
Magnetic Hall Commutator Magnetic Speed Sensor Magnetic Target Wheel



High Cost Service ApplicationsPhoenix America Inc. magnetic encoders do not require their own bearing system. Heavy LoadsThe Phoenix America Inc. magnetic encoder solutions are ‘non-contacting’ and utilizes no bearings of it’s own
Corrosive or WashdownThe Phoenix America Inc. magnetic encoders are packaged in Engineering thermoplastics. Temperature ExtremesFighting a standard operating range of 20 – 70 degrees C? Phoenix America magnetic encoders extend that range.
Wet or Dirty EnvironmentsNo seals are needed with a Phoenix America Inc. magnetic encoder. Electrically Noisy EnvironmentsTypical wiring protocol of shielded cable and twisted pair conductors are just a part of a moise free solution for a Phoenix America magnetic encoder.

Featured Magnetic Encoder

Magnetic Encoder - Low Resolution P9112
P9112 magnetic encoder is ideal for single or dual channel feedback in a one inch diameter footprint. 

Magnetic Encoders an Alternative to Optical

The Magnetic Encoder Alternative to Optical Encoders

Technical Contrast:

Phoenix America’s Magnetic Encoder technology will deliver more value and performance that any other technology you may consider.

True Solution Cost:

If you find the following on your Bill of Material then a Phoenix America Inc. magnetic encoder solution will save you money and reduce your inventory cost: Brackets, Mounts, Couplers, Seals, Covers, Adapters

Motor Integration

How much time are you spending finding the right encoder for the right gear ratio for the right resolution in the right amount of space?   

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